Welcome to Blonde Panache!

I'm not sure how you got here, but you've come too far to turn around now.

I am Elyse; a Syracuse University student, Zumba-fanatic, and all around fashion enthusiast. 

I have been a hoarder of fashion magazines since I can remember (thanks to my mom on this one for always having them around the house). Because of my growing passion and love for beautiful editorials by Grace Coddington, the personal style of celebrities on the best (and worst) dressed list of E! Fashion Police, reading the newest books from my favorite fashionistas, following countless of blogs of gorgeous everyday people/models/photographers/etc., and simply people watching everywhere I go, I have found myself on style-overload and in desperate need of an outlet. This is why my diary, Blonde Panache, was born in February of 2013. New Year's Resolution #1.

I have always had a love of writing. Being able to express my views and feelings about fashion through everyday style on my blog is a dream come true. I hope to expand my knowledge of writing about style and fashion to bigger (and more notable) publications one day. 

I get my inspiration from many places including Vogue, Instyle, Nylon, People's Style watch, other personal style blogs, the people and places around me, and wherever life chooses to take me that day.

I am a huge fan of Instagram and being able to share amazing photographic finds with so many people at once! Who can go wrong with those editing tools? You can follow me at @blondepanache.

I would love feedback and any suggestions, comments, of concerns. You can leave a comment on a specific post, or find my contact information on the Contact tab. If you need any help relating to personal style or fashion, I would be more than willing to dedicate my time to it.

Thanks for stopping by, stay a while, and enjoy!