80's turned Retro

Last night, we attended an 80's Prom themed birthday party for a family friend. From the announcement of the Prom King and Queen to the prom pictures under the balloon bridge to the great 80's hits blasting over the speakers, it was such a success. (Not to mention, that french onion dip was spectacular and very gone after my family got ahold of that bowl.) I just really really wish I was around during all of these past decades (mostly the 50's, but I wouldn't complain about the 80's). The eighties was a time where everything was so bright, hair was teased, and the music was INCREDIBLE! So I didn't know how much people were going to get into it so I decided to not get crazy. I guess my version of not getting too crazy is dressing in a completely different decade's worth of an outfit. So I guess you should not come to me about how to subtly dress eighties, because you will look like something between a jumbled mess of 1950, 1990, and 2010. Maybe next time...

And here's a mirror picture...

Hair Fairy

Have you ever thought about how much your hair really does mean to you? How much you take your beautiful locks for granted? Have you ever thought about what you would do if you uncontrollably started to lose that? 

For me, I have always really confided in my hair. Having long hair has been a sort of shield that I could, not necessarily hide behind but, rely on to give me the confidence I need to face the world. Growing up, I have been known to have such white-blonde hair that I have chosen to keep at a very long length, letting it grow more and more each year. When I was really young in a classroom with mostly brunette children running around, I used to desperately want to wake up with gorgeous long brown shiny locks. When, eventually, I realized that being born blonde is [somewhat] unique in a world where most people have to go to the salon a few times a month in order to process their hair to being blonde. This is when I promised myself to never dye my hair, ever. Having healthy hair that grows so quickly after getting a haircut is a blessing. Because of these choices, I have chosen to donate 11 inches of my hair to a child out there in need.

Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization run throughout the United States and Canada. This organization provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under the age of 21 suffering from any medical diagnosis which involves long term hair-loss. Most of the children helped by this cause suffer from a medical condition called Alopecia Areata that has no known cause of cure. In order to achieve the highest quality hair prosthetics, they use donated hair from everyday people like me and you. Lock of Love is a way to restore these children's confidence and self-esteem each and every day. Their mission statement follows:

"Our mission is to return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss by utilizing donated ponytails to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children. The children receive hair prostheses free of charge or on a sliding scale, based on financial need."

And now I present to you, the whole process in pictures:
(You can click on each picture to see it in full size)

Before shot with my hair fully brushed out and damp, ready to donate!
That ruler really messed with my nerves..
Deciding on how long to cut off. This was the final decision.
The first snips!!!!

More and more snipping away..
The last strands.
IT'S ALL OFF!!!!!!!!
Now time to fix it all up.

I have been really thinking about this since Winter Break and getting myself so excited. I haven't told many people about my plan to chop it off in the summer, so I guess.. SURPRISE! I decided to go with more of the straight look instead of layers because I think it's more of a statement. [I can, and probably will get layers put in later on.] I am really enjoying it. With having a middle part, which I have had for a while now, the front makes an awkward bump because it no longer has all that weight pulling it down. Eventually, it will be trained to not do that anymore. One of my first reactions was, "Do I look like Lord Farquaad?" But, I am starting to love it. I think it's a great summery style. As I mentioned above, I may decide to put in layers to give it a little bit more bounce and volume. It's all a guessing game from here. Haven't had my hair so short since third grade!

Summer, here I come!

elevators and advice

Two pictures. 
Two extremely high def pictures in front of the 6th floor elevator sign.

 It also looks like I have an arm of steel that my shirt failed to cover-up. The secrets out, guys.

Word of advice: All of you need to find your way to the nearest Gap store to pick up one of these boat shirts. Soft and bright and flattering and beautiful. What more do you need? Oh, and if you head over to Town Square, they're on sale. For like five dollars.

PS I didn't want to mention yet another movie that I've seen in the past two weeks (so awkward how many time's I've been to that theater) BUT The Hangover III was okay. The parts that were funny were waaay too funny, but the other parts were all sorts of serious. Also, stay for ALL of the credits. It'll make the whole movie worth it.

the whole experience

Aaaaaaand here goes another Saturday movie night over here. 

I've never seen a Star Trek movie in my life. But I have been to the Star Trek Experience a million and ten times before it closed on the strip, been told my birth parents are actually Klingons, and know the differences between Spock and Kirk since birth, give or take a few years. Well, that is until this weekend. I absolutely fell in love and went home and watched the first one to catch up. A new fan has been born.

Waiting for an hour outside the theater just to get a rail seat to put our feet up led to great people watching. And I mean great, as in horrible everything all around. Just thought I'd let this whole Internet world know. 

My mom and I also brought our own sliced fruit and pretzels and wheat thins. I knew it was a good idea when the lady next to me kept commenting on how good it smelled. But then she asked if I bought it there. Yeah, lady. Have you ever seen fruit being sold at a  m o v i e  t h e a t e r ???? Neither has anyone in the history of the world.

I got this new top. I really wanted to wear these shoes for the first time this season. When I looked into my pants drawer I saw these striped beauties. And there an outfit is born. The end.

Movie Night!

I don't want to give my full review of the new Great Gatsby movie but here it goes. The only book I actually remember reading, and enjoying, in High School was the Great Gatsby book. So when they announced that there was a movie being made I couldn't be more thrilled. Then in around November they announced that they are postponing the release of the movie and it was a preview for the end of the world. But, at last, I finally got to see it this past weekend. As you can see I didn't wear my finest flapper dress with feathers in my hair, although it did cross my mind, but I did refrain from drinking water so there would be no interruptions. That's major, people. In simple words, I love the way Baz Luhrmann thinks. He is brilliant! It made me love the story even more (although I wish there wasn't a death at the end, but that's not his doing), and I thought that was impossible. It makes me wish I could time travel back to the 20s. Definitely a good one for me!

So I got these wedges for six dollars at Target. It seems that I've been getting a lot of deals for only six dollars lately (Ann Taylor jacket from the previous post). I'm not complaining. Keep throwing it at me, shopping world. But actually, they are my new favorites. I could run a marathon in them. (If it wasn't for shin splints, of course.)

Hope you all go out and enjoy the wonderful production that is Mr. Gatsby!

Mother's Day

Cheesy Instagram collage for my incredible mom!
Another cheesy collage for my amazing grandma!

Happy [belated] Mothers' Day to all of the mothers who are reading this, to the grandmothers or great-grandmothers, and to all the children out there that may have forgotten to show a little extra lovin' to their mothers on Sunday! I had an amazing Mothers' Day lunch with my family at a Terra Rossa to celebrate all that my mother and grandmother put into our family. When people talk against Mothers' Day and say things like "everyday should be Mothers' Day" it kind of makes me cringe a little. Of course we appreciate our mothers' every single day, whether we act like it or not, but I think having a special day dedicated to the profession that is undoubtedly the most demanding and rewarding in this world is something truly special. I hope you all celebrated it with lots of laughs!

I just wanted to point out a few things. First off, my jacket. I got this beautiful Ann Taylor jacket from Hells Kitchen Flea Market (New York City) last Spring for only six dollars. Just pointing that out. Second, my mom is back to having red hair. Most of my memories growing up with my mom are all with her having beautiful red hair and I couldn't be happier that it's back! [Although I did LOVE being the same hair color as her for a little bit :)]

Guess who's back?

...and it's not Slim Shady. I wasn't planning on leaving this beautiful little blog stranded for this long (especially after all these style icons kept passing away, bad timing), but it turned out that finals and end of the year move-out all came too quickly. Trying to make this as painless as possible, I bring to you the simplistic Anna Wintour in a way-to-beautiful-for-words Chanel gown at the Met Gala this past weekend in New York City- more on the Met Gala in a future post. I cannot pinpoint my love for this gown on the print, the style,  the lady wearing it, the white poking out of all ends, etc. But I do know that since the brilliant Lilly Pulitzer passed away not to long back, my obsession with bright prints has resurfaced. And who can even compete with Lilly? Only, Chanel, of course. 
Also, SUMMER is finally here! This means that schools all across the country are starting to let out the happy children, flowery frocks and shorts are moving their way up to the front of the closet, and fake tanners are all sold out. I don't know about you, but the beach is calling my name nice and loud!

Have a fun and safe summer!

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