Guess who's back?


...and it's not Slim Shady. I wasn't planning on leaving this beautiful little blog stranded for this long (especially after all these style icons kept passing away, bad timing), but it turned out that finals and end of the year move-out all came too quickly. Trying to make this as painless as possible, I bring to you the simplistic Anna Wintour in a way-to-beautiful-for-words Chanel gown at the Met Gala this past weekend in New York City- more on the Met Gala in a future post. I cannot pinpoint my love for this gown on the print, the style,  the lady wearing it, the white poking out of all ends, etc. But I do know that since the brilliant Lilly Pulitzer passed away not to long back, my obsession with bright prints has resurfaced. And who can even compete with Lilly? Only, Chanel, of course. 
Also, SUMMER is finally here! This means that schools all across the country are starting to let out the happy children, flowery frocks and shorts are moving their way up to the front of the closet, and fake tanners are all sold out. I don't know about you, but the beach is calling my name nice and loud!

Have a fun and safe summer!