Annette Funicello


Rest in Peace, Annette Funicello!

Another incredible icon has passed away this week at the age of 70. On April 8, 2013, Annette Funicello's battle with Multiple Sclerosis ended with her family and friends by her side in Bakersfield, CA. She became a major pop culture icon in the 50s as a founding member of the Mickey Mouse Club and continued on into the 60s with her roles in "beach-party" films. 

She will always remain a real sensation with people in her generation; however, people of every generation will know her for her noticeably happy and glowing personal style. As we all know, being a star allows for many opportunities to wear the best trends and styles, but also create them. Many girls in her shining period admired Funicello and used her as an inspiration. I'm not even in that generation and I can see all of her style pieces being worn  and sold today. Having a timeless style that can be admired generations later should be everyones goal when they open their closet each morning. Then, you'll have less embarrassment when you grow up and look through old photo albums. 

In recent times, the bold brow has been coming back into style, especially with people with thick, dark hair, and Funicello is a prime example of what to aim for. 

Another trend that seems to be back is monochromatic dressing, matching your pants and tops. I love this look to it's most drastic extreme, which is the same material, color, cut, and everything but in separates as if you just cut the finished product in half. This is a favorite look of mine, especially with bright hues which Funicello is the master. 

Simply put, her Mad Men-esque personal style and closet is to drool over.