Margaret Thatcher


Rest in Peace, Margaret Thatcher!

Today in London, the former "Iron Lady" has passed away due to a stroke at the age of 87. The former British Prime Minister was born in October 1925 in the small town of Grantham and served as the Leader of Britain's Conservative Party from 1975 until 1990. Not only was she the first woman to lead England in politics, she struck the world as a leading style icon; showing the world how a woman in power should dress. Her famous strings of pearls that wrapped around her neck (twice), her pussybow blouses, and power suits were never left unnoticed.

'Never flashy, just appropriate,' as she described her style choice. Her belief was that comfort was the overriding aspect for an outfit and style was not as important. At times though, she did not agree with her outfit execution. In the sixties, she wore a hat for every occasion; later, regretting some of her choices, stating that they weren't always appropriate for her position.

One thing she did get right was that she sure knew how to pick colors that really suit her, and her party. Thatcher was often  seen wearing the Conservative parties' blue shade when she made appearances, even after her time in office. You know what they always say, you have to dress the part

More importantly, Margaret Thatcher really knew her jewelry. It seems as though she had enough pearls in every shape and size and length to pass around for all of us. You can count me in. And those earrings. Those are precious beauties that must weight more than she does. Poor girl? And finally. She makes me want to bust out a new brooch for every new cardigan this spring. Are you all in?

I will leave you with some advice from the leading lady: 'It is not unfeminine to be well-tailored. Indeed, it often perhaps concentrates on what you are going to say if you have got well-tailored things on because people no longer look at your clothes.' Although people will always notice your clothes, I think her lesson is very appropriate coming from a brilliant politician. Now time for everyone to go find a tailor.