elevators and advice


Two pictures. 
Two extremely high def pictures in front of the 6th floor elevator sign.

 It also looks like I have an arm of steel that my shirt failed to cover-up. The secrets out, guys.

Word of advice: All of you need to find your way to the nearest Gap store to pick up one of these boat shirts. Soft and bright and flattering and beautiful. What more do you need? Oh, and if you head over to Town Square, they're on sale. For like five dollars.

PS I didn't want to mention yet another movie that I've seen in the past two weeks (so awkward how many time's I've been to that theater) BUT The Hangover III was okay. The parts that were funny were waaay too funny, but the other parts were all sorts of serious. Also, stay for ALL of the credits. It'll make the whole movie worth it.