the whole experience


Aaaaaaand here goes another Saturday movie night over here. 

I've never seen a Star Trek movie in my life. But I have been to the Star Trek Experience a million and ten times before it closed on the strip, been told my birth parents are actually Klingons, and know the differences between Spock and Kirk since birth, give or take a few years. Well, that is until this weekend. I absolutely fell in love and went home and watched the first one to catch up. A new fan has been born.

Waiting for an hour outside the theater just to get a rail seat to put our feet up led to great people watching. And I mean great, as in horrible everything all around. Just thought I'd let this whole Internet world know. 

My mom and I also brought our own sliced fruit and pretzels and wheat thins. I knew it was a good idea when the lady next to me kept commenting on how good it smelled. But then she asked if I bought it there. Yeah, lady. Have you ever seen fruit being sold at a  m o v i e  t h e a t e r ???? Neither has anyone in the history of the world.

I got this new top. I really wanted to wear these shoes for the first time this season. When I looked into my pants drawer I saw these striped beauties. And there an outfit is born. The end.