Movie Night!


I don't want to give my full review of the new Great Gatsby movie but here it goes. The only book I actually remember reading, and enjoying, in High School was the Great Gatsby book. So when they announced that there was a movie being made I couldn't be more thrilled. Then in around November they announced that they are postponing the release of the movie and it was a preview for the end of the world. But, at last, I finally got to see it this past weekend. As you can see I didn't wear my finest flapper dress with feathers in my hair, although it did cross my mind, but I did refrain from drinking water so there would be no interruptions. That's major, people. In simple words, I love the way Baz Luhrmann thinks. He is brilliant! It made me love the story even more (although I wish there wasn't a death at the end, but that's not his doing), and I thought that was impossible. It makes me wish I could time travel back to the 20s. Definitely a good one for me!

So I got these wedges for six dollars at Target. It seems that I've been getting a lot of deals for only six dollars lately (Ann Taylor jacket from the previous post). I'm not complaining. Keep throwing it at me, shopping world. But actually, they are my new favorites. I could run a marathon in them. (If it wasn't for shin splints, of course.)

Hope you all go out and enjoy the wonderful production that is Mr. Gatsby!