Oh, glorious wind


When taking pictures, you need two things: a camera, and a memory card. Well, one of those were missing during our eventful day at the Las Vegas City Hall, the Children's Discovery Museum opening day, and lunch at Sushi Fever, so by the time we stopped home and went out to the Red Rock Canyon overlook, it was SO WINDY! So this is a post on taking pictures in the wind. Because as you can tell in these, it's my day job.

First, you try to play it cool as if this was your calling.
Why am I doing this?
Try to get everything situated, but it looks more like your top wishes you were a ballerina
Tell the wind who's boss
You obviously forget how to walk, so reteach yourself

Mother Nature's a scary woman
You realize you're actually going to freeze.
Act overly excited that you're hair is having fun

Finally, you give up and let your hair show the camera who's boss.