Texture and Color


Photos by Drew Osumi

Not many pictures for this one but I love the bright pops of color on all black. My favorite are the heels; the snake skin trumps it all. I'm so in love with them. They are so neutral but such a statement. As great as they are, they rub it in my face that it's still in the 20's outside and snowing. I don't want to sound defeated and say that I'm completely done with the boots weather, but I cannot wait to be back in 70 degree weather for a WHOLE entire week. Vegas, here I come and that white North Face jacket is not invited! Everything I do will be in the sun. I haven't seen that thing since October.

On the other hand, that white blob is my usual everyday state here in Antarctica weather. 

Also, have you seen this? It's great to hear there's still great people out there.