Have you ever played tourist in your own town? Everyday, you drive past the same buildings, people, parks, attractions, etc. and take them for granted. This past weekend, the day before I left back to school, we decided to go act like a tourist in Las Vegas, my hometown! We started the morning bright and early out at Red Rock Canyon National Park (pictures to come!). It was so beautiful to hike Sandstone Quarry and go off trail climbing mountains with my brother who thinks scaling the side of a mountain is nothing. I tried to put my skills to work when coming down the side of what seemed like a cliff. I ended up sliding down the huge rock for 20 feet or so. It was fun, but completely scary and unexpected in the moment. I even have a wound (a small scratch on my back. so not really a wound) to prove it! I'm oddly proud. After showering and cleaning ourselves up, we went to Bass Pro Shops. You know, the place for outdoorsy people, like ourselves. Well, thats what we think we are. We got some Camelback backpacks and some new hiking boots for everyone in the family for our trip through Utah this summer! So excited!!! Then, we went to the STRIP!!! We went to the Bellagio observatory that is newly decorated with beautiful flowers for Spring. This is where most of these pictures were taken. We saw the most romantic proposal that left all the women around in tears! Such a sweet moment. We continued on to the fountain show outside of the Bellagio and wandered the strip and Caesars' Palace until we ended up at Sushi Roku where we had my farewell dinner! I always choose this restaurant for any special occasion. It's incredible.

Okay, that was a lot! Now on to what really matters. The outfit! In this look I am wearing Prabal Gurung floral shorts and sandals. These shorts are incredible. They are eye-startling, loud, really on trend as they are floral, colorful and bright, and they are all around fabulous! I urge you all to find your perfect pair of shorts for this spring and summer! These aren't too short, and the fit is perfect.For these shorts' first outing, I decided to go with all black to let these shine. Next time, I'm probably going to go more with matching some of the colors actually in the shorts.  Onto this top. I got this at Ann Taylor for a whopping $7. You read it right, I promise. It was unbelievable. I think they're still having the same amazing sale going on, so you should go check that out. The lipstick that I am wearing is actually the same that my mom is wearing in these pictures. It's amazing how the same lipstick can look completely different on different people.

Did you all do anything fun this weekend?
What's your favorite thing to do in your city?