Here's my outfit from temple on Friday night. This weekend has been extremely hectic, and I'm posting this from Syracuse! I bought this skirt in the fall on sale at Target for like $8 or something crazy. I have been wanting to wear it ever since but it seems that in Syracuse people are afraid of color. So I held off until spring in Vegas. Channeling my junior/senior year of high school style with an old leather belt I found in the back of my closet. I used to wear a belt EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. After Friday night, I think it's coming back to style. Well, my style.

That is my brother creeping in the bottom picture. I think his outfit has a lot more stylish components to it than mine can dream of. Shirtless - Inspiration from Marc Jacobs and Celine (have you seen this post from The Man Repeller?) Scarf around the neck - Inspiration from Ralph Lauren. Stick in the air - Inner caveman.

Hope your weekend was relaxing, exciting, fun, and everything nice.

And, I didn't forget, HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!