It's Friday, Friday..


This week has been so relaxing and much needed in the middle of a looong semester. It's beginning to look a lot like spring over here on the west coast. But spring feels awfully like summertime, because..

- It's reaching the blazing 80 degree weather

- Jeans are getting pushed to the back of the closet. I'm not sure I can roll skinny jeans any higher up without looking like I'm expecting a version of hurricane Sandy to hit Vegas

- Deodorant is becoming a lot more prevalent for everyone around town

- Tan lines are getting a little bit more awkward

- Boots are a joke and un thought of

I would say TGIF and do my impression of Rebecca Black's one hit wonder, but I don't want to go back to the North Face, boots, sweater, and super duty socks part of the country on Sunday. But cheers to a relaxing weekend.

Anything interesting planned?