Happy Holidays!


For those of you that celebrate Passover, Easter, or both, I hope you're having a fantastic healthy and happy holiday. This is an outfit from a seder at my family's apartment in New York City where I got to celebrate with the whole family, many of which I haven't seen since last Passover. It's always such a happy time of year. These photos are kind of dark which counteracts the mood of the holidays; however, I loved the background so much that I couldn't resist. You'll never guess where these pictures are taken. Okay, you twisted my arm. They were taken in the elevator at The Standard Hotel where we stayed!! This hotel was very modern and everywhere you turned there were new amazing details.

This skirt is one of my favorites. I bought it on clearance over the winter holidays and it's moved on up in the closet ever since. Fast! It's very comfortable and its so easy to just throw on. I paired it with this navy cowl neck top from Gap. It doesn't quite give the look I was going for with this skirt, but I wasn't thinking when I decided to pack for this vacation, so this was one of the only options. Over the night, I became very fond of the combination because it brings out the dark lines in the skirt which are questionably blue or black. Going with a simplistic look, I didn't think jewelry was necessary and I love it without anything on my wrists.