Prep City


Welcome to my lovely room with a lovely view and lovely bags in my lovely little world. I don't have to feel guilty about laying in bed if I just want to relax because I feel fully immersed in the city from under my pristine white sheets. I'd say it's quite perfect. The days here in Manhattan have been very busy exploring the Met, MoMA, MoMath, the streets, sample sales, parks, food, and everything else!! You can't tell by the sky in these pictures, but it was actually raining and cold outside. I had to throw on my well-worn Hunters for the day. Instead of going all grunge, I decided to break out my J.Crew style to prep it up with some gingham and a cashmere sweater. Lucky for you I didn't pop my collar.

Short and sweet because we're going to try Afghanistan food for the first time. It's so nice to be in a city where there's a restaurant for everything.