On the Streets


As I started dressing for my second day around the city, I realized packing light is the worst advice in the whole entire world. These next 9 days are going to be so incredibly interesting with the mix and match outfits. So, here, I present you with the same idea as the first day. I guess I'm really into the white. Figures, because the weather has been so white lately. But I love this look with the all contrast the boots, necklace, and jacket gives to the otherwise very simple idea. These boots were a win.

I love New York because you find everything here. Since when is graffiti beautiful canvas artwork to take outfit photos in front of? This girl's not complaining. All of this wandering is making me so busy and exhausted and happy and very absent from technology which is such a nice relaxing break with my family in the best city ever. Phones been on silent for days now and has been "lost" way too many times. Sometimes it's nice to just be MIA with the people who matter most. What else do I need other than what I'm in walking distance of? Exactly.