Class & Cold


Photos by Drew Osumi

Here's typical Syracuse class attire. First, throw on your comfiest jeans. These comfy pair are from H&M of all places. And were only $10?? I was shocked and thought I read it wrong. Especially after I tried them on and never wanted to take them off. Apparently, it's a real thing and that's not just a major markdown. Go get on that. Next, we have the flannel. Remember how I mentioned that I went to Bass Pro Shops while I was in Vegas. Well this was a score from Black Friday there, so you know its legit. Then, we have the vest. Which, honestly, I'm not sure why I have two vests here. The weather man must get a tremendous laugh at my wimpy closet. I guess I just felt tough with a flannel and vest? The important part of this outfit are the Hunter boots. See, I had never heard of them until I came to the East Coast, but who would have known I would live and die in these suckers. Well, hopefully not die, but definitely stay sane in these things. I also notice in the bottom picture that My boots look like they have taken some battle wounds to them. It's just the salt from the ground when there's snow out. It, too, makes me look really really tough. So here, I present you my not so fabulous college-girl-wakes-up-and-throws-on-whatevers-closest attire. Enjoy.