Style Guide: Spring Shoes


Name a girl who doesn't want to add another fabulous shoe to her collection. Neither can I. After a long, dreary winter, it's time for girls on any budget to pick up a fresh new pair of kicks for the spring weather. I always look at this change of weather as a perfect time to update my look with some trendy new shoes. Shoes are the easiest way to incorporate new trends into your daily outfits. In this post I will give my take on this springs hottest trends for three types of budgets.

Maintain your comfort while you're on your feet all day, but maintain don't sacrifice your style with these ballet flats.

Black polka dot on white? Oh, the contrast. AND these are 100% calf hair. These scream spring style because of how 'out there' they are. I dare you to try something new this spring. Pattern mix! Shoes are the easiest to pattern mix with because they're not put right up against the rest of your outfit. Throw on a striped shirt or skirt with these lovely flats. For the beginning, I suggest starting with patterns of the same color tone, white and black. Enjoy these lovely flats at this brilliant price.

When I first saw these, I have to say, they were not my all time favorite because, to be honest, they're a weird concept. But, then I had to remind myself that they're J.Crew and they would never design something horrible. Then I got to thinking that they're the mullet of the shoe world. These are sandals which are perfect for the warmer climates of the country, however, they are also perfect for the cooler temperatures, like in New York. These are so transitional. You can throw on shorts, a dress, or boot cut jeans to hide the sandal backing to make them look like generic flats. Also, the color won't go unnoticed. I'd say, they're a go! 

Kate Spade is brilliant. Period. And these are no exception! The leopard, the pink, the patent leather accents, everything is flawless. Like the Gap flats above, these would be great for pattern mixing! Because these are so well made, it's well worth the money.

Add a little pep to your step with these fun HEELS.

I'm going to trend-forecast that florals are going to be very, very in this spring. Am I right? I'd like to say that I can see the future, but we all know floral is always in during spring time. Right around the time when all the lovely flowers are starting to blossom into beautiful carnations. I don't think it's a coincidence. Whatever it is, or isn't; I'll take it. I love the floral trend. And I will continue to love it until Spring 2020. Maybe that's the Spring everything will change. Me being the trend-forecaster knows, but you will have to wait and see. Buy these and you'll be able to wear them forever!

These cutout suede and cowhide leather beauties can be the new staples in your closet. Embrace the black and white as you can wear these as a neutral, or let these make the statement. I would wear these with all of my bright colored dresses, pants, tops, etc. and I would wear it with my ripped skinny jeans on the weekend. These are definitely a steal.

I recently bought a pair of my own that I was drooling over at Target of all places after I saw Brooklyn Blonde wearing them in this post. Even if you can't find the pair at Target that I am referring to and you are successful and lucky enough to afford these gorgeous gems, DO IT and, I promise, you won't regret it. These look like it would take a celebrity-lile confidence level to pull these off, but they actually match everything and gives your outfit a certain spark.

All the celebrities are wearing booties, so why shouldn't you?

These ultra-modern take on the booties are my all-time favorite! I just got them in the mail last week and Monday was my first day wearing them out. Now, I can talk from personal experience when I say these actually go with everything you want to wear this spring. Your new fun spring dress? Check. Rolled up skinnies? Check. They are great as you want to transition away from your tall boots for a more springtime look; however, the weather outside doesn't allow you to embrace the sandals quite yet. The accent on the back of the boot (not sure what to call that) give it the modern feel and lets your booties stand out from a crowd of booties.

These white beauties are perfection! There's not much else to say or do except stop and stare. The fringe adds a little spunk to your look and I guarantee that you will have so much fun walking in these not-to-high booties as the fringe swings with every step.

I love this color for spring! I can't think of something it doesn't go with or any trend this would clash. The height on this is sturdy but still present, so not to worry about that! If you're looking to spend the money for a shoe that will last and get you endless compliments, this is it!