Madison Square Park


This is another of the many posts to come from my New York trip! These were taken throughout our day wandering. The whole trip was kind of a blur. One of those where you have to stop and think what day it is and what you have done even that day, let alone the previous day. The only thing that sort of connects the dots is by looking at the outfits in your pictures. That's what I love about family trips. Everyone is so caught up with making the most of their time together, seeing everything they want to see, visit everything everyone else wants to see, and try to eat at every restaurant possible. It ends up becoming insane, but such an amazing kind of insane. I could not tell you what day this was, for the life me, but I can tell you that it was a really great day. It was a great day because did you look at my jeans? There very pretty. Thanks Anthropologie for that incredible sale, by the way. Also, that jacket thing that is all sorts of soft and fuzzy and comfy. Well, here's another outfit brought to you by the Suitcase Packed By A Big Loser. Another thing to point out is the bag. It's my mom vintage Coach that we found digging around a random thrift store in Las Vegas. That day was maj. (Courtesy of Rachel Zoe). 

The bottom two picture are of my and my brother at the MoMath, Museum of Math. When the website said that it was designed for ages up to 8th grade I was so excited to spend a day being nerdy. No luck. The only thing my brother and I found interesting was this tricycle with square wheels. I probably only thought it was fun because it's the only type of bike I could ride. Better luck next time.