Nineteen; all the cool people are doing it


Celebrating my birthday in New York City for the second year in a row is a a dream come true. Third times a trend, so it's all up to next year! Being able to meet up with two really great friends to celebrate and to spend the day with my incredible family was the best gift. Since it was my birthday, I thought I had every right to break out the disco pants (also from Anthropologie). So I did. And let me tell you, I caught everyones attention walking down those Manhattan streets. I can't tell you why in all of the pictures I'm wearing that overly furry scarf. It wasn't that cold. And it wasn't making a statement. So, cool. Now I have no idea what I wore under that mess.

Hitting all of the most random places we could find, we explored the Harry Potter exhibition that ends this week. You have to go see it if you're in town!!!!!!). As we tried to hail a cab we ran into and uncovered the mystery that is the Jeykll & Hyde Pub that was actually so fun and entertaining. The entrance is a telephone booth which instantly made it a go. Next, made our way to Bloomingdales and ate our way through Dylan's Candy Bar, before, hitting Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. This trip especially (and last year when I went) I have been so incredibly lucky with my finds there. You may ask what I got. I'll tell you. I got two J.Crew cashmere sweaters for a whopping $35? I thought it was an early April Fools joke, too. And some jewelry that you'll see me wear in a later post. Also, my mom scored three vintage purses. I will do a post about these beauties later. But, I will tell you that there was lots oogling, ogling, and drooling all night over these gems. 
Moving on. Beauty and Essex for dinner. This place is the coolest. Not a great area and the entrance is a pawn shop. Weird. But once you make it to the restaurant, it's gorgeous, I tell you, with chandeliers and classy, hip people, and delicious tapas filling the rooms. We skimped out on dessert and made our way to Big Gay Ice Cream in the East Village for Salty Pimps and Bea Arthurs, where my mom spotted Matt Damon!!!

Enough reminiscing about my birthday. After all, it was three days ago. Now, I'm just sad.