Tastes of The City


The Standard Hotel continental breakfast
Typical NY pizza meal before the start of Passover
Kosher/Vegan Sweet and Sour chicken at Buddah Buddai

Street goodness. How could we not? 
Udon restaurant. Spicy spicy
Just as yummy. 100% less spicy.
Nothin really to say but this is my family's new favorite restaurant!

Amazing tuna tartar at Atlantic Grill.
Sushi Tacos at Atlantic Grill. This is such a unique idea.
The only bad thing is that I'm not sure how I'll ever eat normal sushi again!
Crunchy Spicy Tuna roll. Great, but nothing compared to the tacos.
They served matzo!! This is why I love Passover in New York
I think this was salmon!
Kind of upset this wasn't unique to New York, so it doesn't really deserve to be in this post,
but look how good this looks!!
Dessert! Some banana amazingness.
That outside shell is caramelized  hazelnut and inside it has cut up banana slices and banana ice cream.
Cool looking mystery drink!
I was really excited for this drink at Beauty and Essex. It had potential to be the best daiquiri, but they put but up cucumbers in it. I'm a huge fan of vegetables, especially cucumbers, but not in my drink. It still looks cool though!

All in all, we ate very well in New York City. I hope you enjoyed and got some good ideas for your next trip. We tried every kind of restaurant you could think of, many of which aren't even pictured; I wish I kept up more with food pictures. Have you been to any of these paces? Or any places that seem better than these (It might be hard)?